Meetings Programme 2016-2017


Synopses of Talks


Hilary Ritchie

5th April 2016

Addenbrookes Hospital Archives

The talk will start by explaining how the Hospital was founded and its opening in the late 18th century. Then moving into the nineteenth century, with the development of the hospital and the influence of Florence Nightingale and the introduction of nursing training. Moving on to the 20th century and the beginnings of a hospital as we would expect today; the building of the Hospital on Hills Road, concluding with bringing things up to date and a little about the happenings of the hospital today.

Hayley Newton

3rd May 2016

Royal National Institute for the Blind

Everyday around 100 people in the UK start to lose their sight. There are around 2 million people in the UK with sight problems. RNIB is the leading charity working in the UK offering practical support, advice and information for anyone with sight difficulties.
The talk is about the work of RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People), including preventing sight loss, living with sight loss and fundraising for RNIB.

Christopher Walkinshaw

7th June 2016

Marshall’s of Cambridge

The history of Marshall since it was established in 1909, some background on the Marshall family right through to Robert, the 4th generation to be involved in running the business, currently CEO working with our Chairman, Sir Michael Marshall. The talk will cover the various Operational Companies and activities throughout the years to the current date.

Peter Ibbett

5th July 2016

St Neots and Eynesbury Buildings

A guide to the buildings in St Neots town centre, what were their origins and how things have changed.

David Taylor

2nd August 2016

Women’s Role & Achievements in Aviation

The role of the women in the history of aviation from the very early days.

Robert Lovesey

6th September 2016

Bletchley Park and its Secrets

Robert is a visitor guide at Bletchley Park, his practical knowledge will provide us with in-depth information.

Andrew Spooner

4th October 2016

WW1 in more Detail

Andrew is a WW1 battlefield guide. He will give us an insight into why things so often went so tragically wrong.

Carole Divall

1st November 2016

The Battle of Waterloo with reference to Local Regiments

The involvement of the Royal Anglian and other local regiments in the Battle of Waterloo.

David Broughton

6th December 2016


A light hearted look at things that go wrong.

Tim Dutton

3rd January 2017


Pathfinders 2

Tim will follow up his earlier very interesting talk (September 2015, given in place of James Blackwood) with details about the Pathfinder lead raids on Berlin and Peenemunde.




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